Who is the greatest homerun hitter in major league baseball history? That question should be easy, or is it? A quick look at stats will show that Barry Bonds ended his career with 762 homeruns, end of arguement, or is it? Questions of a “lively ball” and the use of steroids make his record in some purist’s minds suspect. So maybe it is Hank Aaron, his 755 homeruns stand untainted. However there are some who argue that Babe Ruth should still get the nod, since he played in a day of shorter seasons, during his first four years (1914-1918) with the Red Sox he as a pitcher and not playing every day and the spitball was not banned from baseball until the 1921 season!

It is not my point to settle this argument but to illustrate that arriving at the point of determining the greatest no simple matter. Who is greatest is always debatable when it come to humans and human effort. However when it comes to God there is no doubt that He is the Greatest. He is at the top of every list (if not the list is wrong) in charge of everything and above everything. He is unique, one of a kind, holy!

Here is a thought that will revolutionize your thinking, the one who is greatest cares about you. He is willing to involve Himself in your life. He knows all about you and loves you anyway. He understands what no one else does, He can do what no one else can do. He is crazy about you. Get a handle on that and other opinions really don’t matter.

The Greatness of God will be the subject of my Sunday morning messages at Mount Calvary beginning this Sunday. We will be looking at just how great our God is, you will be moved to worship, grow and serve in ways you have not thought of before!

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