So who really is in control on the field during an NFL game? The picture above that I took last Sunday in Dallas may give you a hint (you can click on the picture for a bigger version – you may have to use your browsers “back” button to back to the blog). In the picture you see players – it’s not them. You don’t see any coaches but it is not them either. How about the referees in their snazzy striped uniforms? Nope. Photogaphers? No. Cheerleaders? No again. It is really the man with the weird looking orange gloves. His title is NFL liaison or sideline coordinator. It is his job to get the word from the TV director in a control truck outside the stadium that the TV commercials are over and the game can restart after a break. The Refs cannot start until the sideline coordinator tells them to, on the field nothing happens until he says so. The orange gloves are so that the refs can easily see his hand signals to start or stop the game.

This got me to thinking about this – the person who is really in charge of something is rarely the person you see in the foreground. Perhaps in this political season a few folks would do well to remember that there is something more in play than just the acquisition of political power. Leaders in the church would do well to remember that no matter the title there is someone more unseen to who we are responsible. On an even more personal level we are each in charge of very little and all of us are persons under authority. So, we should all act like it.

Perhaps this would be a good time to express you submission to the God Who rules over all by offering your words of acknowledgment of His place and power to Him in prayer. As you practice the discipline of submission not only will He be honored and pleased, it will help you refocus to see His hand in your life, and you don’t even have to look for orange gloves!


A few more pictures from our trip