Think of the last nativity scene you saw. What if you had no knowledge of the Christmas story and your assignment was to deduce the story from that picture of the circumstances of Jesus birth? Would you conclude that the baby was of some importance since he is surrounded by crowd of shepherds, farm animals and middle-eastern nobles bearing gifts? But if is He has such notoriety why a bed of hay, and why a barnyard maternity ward? I think for the uniformed it would not really make sense. The nativity set would generate more questions than answers.

It is only with the backdrop of the Bibles account does it all make sense. In its pages you learn of the Fathers love, the Sons obedience, the angels worship, Marys wonder, Josephs faith, the shepards diligence, the wisemens persistence and the worlds Savior. I am looking forward to spending the next trio of Sundays to take us all back to the manger and lets be amazed again at what we find.