Saturday June 18, 2011 our youngest son was married to Katie in Englewood, Florida. If you want to see more pictures just use the links below.

Julie and I and my parents flew down, which meant we did not get to visit with several friends on the return trip as we planned. But flying was easier on all of us. We were also pleased that a number of family and friends made the trip. Our whole gang stayed in Buchan’s Landing Resort which is on Lemon Bay – a wonderful place for us to gather and celebrate. We watched dolphins swim by each morning, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the beauty and wildlife in the area. Julie was a wonderful host for those gathered – one morning she prepared breakfast for 27!

The wedding took place in the Green Street Church which was the first church in Englewood and is now operated by the historical society. It was lovely setting for a ceremony that honored the Lord as they made their commitment to each other.

I shared with those gathered at the rehearsal dinner that families are very stretchable – as proven by the fact that both of our families are enlarged by this marriage; Katie’s family have warmly welcomed Brian and we are delighted that Katie has become part of the growing Waggoner clan. They will be living in Richmond Virginia where Brian will pursue his chosen career in law enforcement.

We also got in a little relaxation after the wedding, Julie and I enjoyed the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and colleting a few seashells along the way, not to mention taking some pictures of some outstanding sunsets! We are glad to be back in WV and looking forward to be worshipping with the folks at Mt. Calvary Baptist on Sunday.


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