As part of our study in the book of Jude I am sharing my rules of “truth detection” as it applies to those who teach the Word of God.  Jude warns us that not everyone who teaches, teaches the truth.

The Rules of Truth Detection

1.  If the teaching doesn’t “seem  right” – watch out

2.  If the teacher doesn’t seem sincere – watch out

3.  If there is a minimum amount of Bible and a maximum amount of conjecture – watch out

4.  If there isn’t a chapter and verse-  watch out

5.  If the teaching elevates man rather than God – watch out

6.  If there is a “hidden meaning” – watch out

7.  If the teaching leans toward extreme freedom of behavior – watch out

8.  If the teaching leans toward extreme legalism in behavior – watch out

9.  If the teaching mars the doctrine of Christ—watch out