“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. (Psalms 127:4)

When I became a father at the age of 22 Julie and I had no idea the adventure we were embarking on. Now after nearly 3 decades of marriage and years of raising children I am a blessed man. The raising of children, maintaining a marriage and growing a getting along are part of God’s plan to make us all better. We, as I suppose all do, have had our struggles and pressure points. But this I know – it has all been worth it – every minute of it, the boring and long moments, the short and scary moments, those moments with more questions than answers, those moments of success and failure, those moments of pride and pain. Altogether they form a tapestry of God’s grace and faithfulness. I really don’t have anything more profound than that to say today but that is enough! To Him be the glory.

In case you are wondering the picture above was taken on Easter Sunday after we returned from a wonderful time of worship. Left to right (Back Row) Brandon and Heather Waggoner, Eric and Jessica McVey, (Front row) Katie Barnard, Brian Waggoner, my bride Julie and yours truly.

The picture below includes my parents Sam and Evelyn Waggoner and Brandon’s dog Jaya just had to get into the picture. Click on the pictures to view a larger version.