I thought you may like a little preview of my coming series of messages…We go to great lengths to mark a special day. We eat cakes, tie up balloon, decorate homes, send cards, sing songs, and a hundred other things. Sometimes the lengths we go to seem extreme. I remember one wedding at Bible Center where the wedding party left our parking lot not in a car pulling cans, but by helicopter!

There was one day like no other on God’s calendar, and He went to great lengths to “mark” this day as no other. For the next five Sunday’s we will be looking at the miracles that occurred on the day Jesus died. Each of these five supernatural events were designed to be a marker that this was the day that was at the intersection between time and eternity, between the need of sinful man and the love of Holy God. As we study these we will also find that each miracle was carefully chosen to send us a particular symbolic message as to the spiritual reality that was unfolding on Calvary. So let’s enjoy the journey back to the cross where we will find that it is the supreme moment in history!

So you are invited to partipate at Bible Center at either 9:00 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. or online at www.WaggonerMedia.com