Recently I needed to move a large bookcase my father had built for me (see picture below) it is beautiful, and has a built-in 55 gal. aquarium. It is huge and it is heavy. It is way beyond my ability to move. I remember that someone once said that the one thing better than having a truck, is having a friend that has one! So I called a dear friend who showed up with a huge truck complete with hydraulic life and couple of other well-muscled men. I still had to shoulder my corner of the bookcase but the gracious help of these friends got the job done.

Peter describes our Lord as “the God of all grace.” Earlier we looked at the “God” part and the “All” part, so now we want to think about the “Grace” part. Grace can be defined as God’s help in our need. That is why the bookcase story is a great example of this. The gracious act of these made a job that was too big for me possible. His grace can move even impossible things that maybe staring at you. Those things that keep you up and night and steal your joy in the day. He can move it!

So what is that huge – immovable thing in your life? That one thing that is way too big for you to budge? Maybe it is time to trust in the God of all grace. Count on His help to be there for you in your need. Renew your confidence in His showing up when you need strength beyond yourself. He won’t let you down.


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