Here is a copy of my recent “Thank You” letter to the congregation of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. You can read below or listen to the audio version below or with this link

Dear Friend:

 I once served on an advisory board of a national ministry and was asked for input as to how they could improve relationships with supporters. My answer was: you need to contact them for other reasons than simply when it is time to ask for money. I had noticed that every letter and communication was really a fund-raising appeal. Surpisingly they took my suggestion! That encounter has reminded me that even though I have never appealed for gifts from the pulpit or via any other means, I do need to take the time to say “Thank You” for many, many things. So, here goes.

 Thank you for welcoming new folks 

 Growth is always disruptive and and challenging but you have welcomed new folks into our congregation at Mt. Calvary consistently. I cannot tell you how many times I have had new folks say that they were overwhelmed with how friendly this church is. As we have welcomed and loved those that God sends our way we have seen many come to Christ, get baptized and become members of your church. Thank you!

Thank you for your faithfulness 

 In the nearly five years I have served as your Pastor we have never had a shortage of money to do God’s work. Our income has consistently been in excess of our budget and we have, due to our budget, lived within our means. We have renovated many sections of our building, expanded and improved our parking, launched new ministries, supported more missionaries and expanded our staff- all due to your following God in faithful giving. You have also been faithful in serving, worship and so much more. Thank you!

Thank you for your love for the Word of God 

 When I was called to shepherd this congregation I knew that for more than a century this church had been a place that believed and boldly proclaimed the Word of God. It was my commitment to you teach you the Word of God and lead us all to make its truths part of our lives. I, each week in the pulpit, on the radio, online and in small groups have the priviledge of sharing the Word of God and am blessed to experience your appreciation for and obedience to the Scriptures. Thank you!

Thank you for loving me 

Julie and I have been welcomed not only into your church but into your hearts. You have expressed your love and support to us in more ways than I could possibly recount. You have prayed, spoken words of encouragment, rolled up your sleeves, and so much more to show not only your love for our God but for His servants as well. Thank you! I have so much more I could say “Thank you” for but I hope you can hear a little bit of my heart as I seek to thank you for being you. See you Sunday!

Blessings, Jesse Waggoner