I have had the privilege of previously serving as a pastor of three churches: New Hope Bible Church in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Calvary Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Ohio and Associate Pastor at Bible Center Church in Charleston. As many of you know, I completed my ministry at Bible Center last September. In the mean time, I have completed my Doctorate Degree (I am contemplating starting work on a second Doctorate Degree before the year is out – not sure if I am brave or crazy) and then unexpectedly was requested to serve as interim pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church. It has been a joy to serve at Mt. Calvary with a fine staff and congregation. We have seen the Word of God do amazing things in the lives of many over these last months.

But one can only live in “interim” land for so long. There comes a time to move on and we have been preparing for the move for some months. During this time, we have interacted with a number of congregations around the country and have been blessed to learn of God’s work in ways and places that were new to us. It has been a joy to meet with pastoral search committees that are composed of godly servants who are doing God’s work in God’s way. We are still praying for some of them to find the man God is calling to that particular work. That said, where are we going to land?

I told some folks recently that I feel like the guy who was searching around the world for a wife and ends up marrying the girl next door. So now we know – Sunday, September 18th, I will begin my fourth pastoral ministry as Senior Pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, in Charleston, West Virginia. In the last eight months, Julie and I have grown to love this congregation. We have also learned to love this area even more. This call has been confirmed in many ways, not the least of which is seeing two growing services on Sunday mornings, as well as people being saved and baptized. God is at work and He is to be praised! There is much work that remains to be done but I am thankful that I get to work alongside other staff pastors, church board, and a congregation that are walking with Christ and have a passion to do God’s will.

So I continue to do what I have done my entire adult life: preach God’s Word and pastor God’s people. I am a blessed man to get to do both