I feel like I should introduce myself to a support group and say …”Hi am Jess and I am a 24 addict.” In case you are not aware “24” is series on the Fox Network that features the adventures, trials and exploits of Jack Bauer. Jack is an agent for the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). One of the unique aspects of the drama is the fact that each season consists of 24 hourly episodes all of which take place over the course of one 24 hour period. There are twists and turns and cliff-hangers and multiple overlapping plots that add up to an onslaught of intense, gripping drama. I am hooked. Thanks Brandon for being the dealer who gave me my first hit.

There are times that one must suspend belief to enjoy any work of fiction especially one that has such grandiose themes as 24 but there is one area that takes a major amount of suspension. It seems as if every terrorist (at least in the days I have seen so far) resides in Los Angeles and every terrorist plot is hatched, carried out and countered in Southern California. The reason for this is simple. The writers of 24 can’t have Jack going all over the world in the style of James Bond there are literally not enough hours in a day. Even Jack Bauer is constrained by the laws of time and space.

We certainly understand this limitation for ourselves and our fictional heroes. Only our God is beyond the bounds of the time, space, matter continuum which we inhabit. Theologians call this God’s transcendence. He is above, beyond and apart from His own creation. He can be everywhere at the same time, He equally occupies the past and future as He does the present. I can’t say I understand all of what I have just said but how can a man who is so limited understand One who has no limits.

I am certain that neither your or my worst days are to the extremes of Jack Bauer’s worst days. I can, however, rest assured that wherever I am, whatever events are pushing me along into the future. God is there. He is all around, involved, and in control. My response is simple but profound. Worship Him. Trust Him, 24/7.