I grew up in the space age. Men going into space and going to the moon was big stuff back in the day. Above is one of my favorite pictures, it shows Jim Irwin standing on the moon in August of 1971. Even though He was a long way from home he was in some ways more connected to the his fellow earthmen than most of us will ever be. I tell this to illustrate a particular truth…

A couple of the first verses I learned as a junior higher was Proverbs 3:5-6, the reason I learned them was Mr. Lester Arnold my Sunday School teacher would often (like every Sunday) do Sword Drills and these two verse were always going to show up. Looking back he was teaching us more than we and perhaps even he thought. These verses warn against self-reliance (“lean not to your own understanding”). If I would have followed that part faithful since the age of 13 I would be better off. It seems as if the default setting on most of is trust in our own ingenuity, our plans, or own schemes. This has led to many a disaster! The verses also recommend trust in the Lord with ones whole heart. This is always good advice. Verse six promises that if we are obedience if we live up to our responsibilities God will direct our paths – I like that – no more head scratching, hand wringing, squirming about what to next in life. There is one last element in this text that for the last 30 something years that has remained elusive. What exactly does it mean when it says “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” Whatever it means it is the key ingredient to gaining God’s direction in our lives. Here are few stray thoughts I have had on the subject of acknowledging God in life.

1. First of all the basic meaning of acknowledge is to recognize, to give recognition of something or someone. If see someone I know, I acknowledge them with eye contact, a nod, a wave, a word or a touch. I am letting them know that I know that they are there. I need to need to maintain the discipline of recognizing God’s presence with me and within me.
2. Second acknowledge is a two way street. It speaks of relationship. There needs to be an ongoing dialog between us.
3. I need to do this “in all my ways.” This means God is not to be a super 911 service to call when I am in trouble. His is not to be only on my mind when I am in a setting that reminds me of Him, I am to include Him in my thinking and life at all times.

… back to Jim Irwin on the Moon. While he was walking around on the moon he could speak via radio with mission control in Houston, Texas. His every move was followed on TV by rooms full of experts, and multitudes. If he made a comment about a particular kind of rock a whole team of geologist were listening to offer advice and guidance. If some piece of equipment broke the engineers that designed it were available, and the technicians that built is were on hand. He could easily acknowledge the “presence” of other to help in any situation. I think acknowledging God in everything is similar, I need to remain aware of the presence of God in everything I do, I need to keep the communication lines open and the conversation in motion, I need to evaluate my actions against the grid of my Bible knowledge. I trust I can make progress in my earthwalk.

from 11-20-2005