I have recently been involved in an online conversation about why God would choose Shepherds to be the first ones to hear about the birth of His Son. The comments generally revolved around the connection to Jesus being the Good Shepherd, the Son of David who was a Shepherd or the fact that they were low and humble. While thinking about this I come to an even more fundamental and I believe, profound conclusion: God wanted to deliver a message. That night He chose the extraordinary means of a multitude of angels filling the sky, but He got the message across; a message of peace and goodwill and a Savior born. He directed them via the angelic announcement to find Jesus wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a manger.

God does not often use such extreme measures to deliver news to us. He usually speaks through His all-time best seller and the only book He has written; the Bible. Our responsibility? To listen! In this case you have access to the source documents, to firsthand accounts of what God had determined for you to know. What a blessing to know that God wants to speak to you.

This Christmas please plan to invest some time digging into God’s Word, privately and with others. He has delivered on His part, are you delivering on yours?


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