I need your help. Usually I try to write items on this blog to inform, entertain or inspire you but this offering is a little different. As most of you know I am working on my Doctoral Dissertation and as part of that project I am doing some original research. My subject is the role of the hearer in the preaching process. What I need is your opinion. Since I spend most of my time behind the pulpit I need to know what the person in the pew is thinking. I will do these polls over a period of time in three question segments. It should only take a minute or two of your time but your input will be a great help to this seminary student.

Just click the link below to get started and let me thank you in advance for your participation, Also, please feel free to pass this on to anyone you may like, I could use all the opinions I can get. All responses are anonymous; so tell me what you think of preaching, listening and preachers like me.


Please note that after you click “VOTE” after each set of answers, you will be taken to a results page, use your browser’s “Back” button to return to the page to answer the following queston.