Some of you have seen the picture above – it is of our daughter Jessica and our granddaughter Kaelyn. They, along with our Son in law Eric, came to spend the weekend with us. A few days before their arrival, Jessica called and asked if I would mind taking some pictures. As many of you know, I love photography and it took only a fraction of a second to say yes. The picture above (you can click on it and see an even larger version) was the one that is now on the wall in my office. It is right beside me as I type this. I love it for many reasons, the contrast between one set of eyes open and one being closed is great, the fact that one face is looking at the camera while the other is in profile works, so does the contrast in skin tones, the way the hair falls — I could go on and on… and of course the most important thing that makes it special are the two people who are in it.

But there is something else you should know. This image is one of 165 I took that day. Most will never be seen by anyone other than me and only 3 or 4 will make it to prints or will be posted online. Most of what I took that day are, in a word ..bad. The lighting is off in some, the focus is not crisp in others. I also have a new found appreciation for baby photographers. With an infant you just can’t say: “look at me and smile”and get the result you want. You have to time it just right and hope you hit the shutter release at the correct moment.

This fact that only through perseverance can the correct outcome be gained in photography serves a fitting metaphor for life. Most of our efforts don’t succeed on the first try, many don’t after the 100th. But there is reward in sticking to it, to keep giving effort , to perfecting one’s skills. Most of the time victory comes to the one who refused to give up. So whatever it is we do, let’s keep giving our best. The perfect moment may be close at hand.