“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2Co 5:17)

There is frog that lives in a room downstairs. It is a room that our preschool uses here at Bible Center Church. That is a picture of him above (I assume it is a him). He is an African Clawed frog (Xenopus Laevis). He came to be with us as part of teaching series with the kids and came in the form of a cleverly designed and marketed product called – “Grow a Frog Kit.” The kit consists of a small plastic box, food, decorations and a grow-a-frog tadpole. The kids got to watch as the tadpole changed into a “froglet” and on into the final African clawed frog form. This was a hit with the kids and now, a couple of years later, the frog has moved to successively bigger homes and now swims and entertains a new class of preschoolers. All of this got me thinking (a good thing to do) that if I were to measure my spiritual change – would I still be in the tadpole stage, or maybe even a “froglet?”

Wherever I may be, I can make a couple of observations: One – Change is the norm of Christian living and experience. I have been made new positionally in Christ and practically I need to continue to change. Two – just like the former tadpole needs the correct environment and nutrition to complete the change so do I and so do you. As I remind myself may I also challenge you to keep a watch on your environment by ensuring you are sharing life with other believers and you are avoiding harmful influences in your environment. Secondly may I challenge all of you tadpoles, froglets, frogs and friends with this question: how is your spiritual diet? Maybe it is time to truly feast on God’s Word. It is a must for change and change we must.