Last Sunday night the city fathers of Charleston, West Virginia tuned a pile of money into a cloud of smoke over the waters of the Kanawha River. There is one important intermediate step, and that would be three flatbed tractor-trailer loads of fireworks. Julie, Brian, I and several dozen friends gathered at our regular fireworks-watching spot and waited for the gala fireworks at the conclusion of the Charleston Regatta. We managed to avoid all the other regatta attractions including Charlie Daniels and Randy Travis, but we went to see fireworks. We did enjoy the sights and sounds (If you want to watch a brief video of the grand finale use this link [Real Media] ) but as the clouds of gunpowder laced clouds floated across the capital city I began thinking about this…what do you have left after the last flash and last bang? Some memories, some good times with family and friends and few low-quality pictures, but is that really worth the money.

Before I get too judgmental – I must confess I have invested my time, talent and treasure in many endeavors that may have had some momentary attraction but no lasting return.
I don’t know much but I have learned this over the years of my journey. Only what is done for God’s glory has any lasting meaning or significance. My prayer, my goal is for my life to have less flash, less bang and more of His glory.

… whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
1Corinthians 10:31