Growing up in the hills of West Virginia, fishing was just part of life. As boys we fished in creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds. We would dig up worms in the backyard garden, net minnows or catch assorted other critters for bait. Fishing was big stuff. I must admit fishing is an infrequent activity of my adult life; perhaps this is due to the pace of my life or my lack of patience, but I am safe in the knowledge that there are enough fishermen in the Bible Center family to keep the fish population of West Virginia streams in check.

Several of those closest to Jesus were professional fishermen before He changed them into “fishers of men,” and by means of their example we are all to do some fishing among the people we know. Sometimes I feel I am not much better at fishing for men than I am fishing for fish. When it comes to fishing, I need help. The fishermen’s encounter with Jesus in Luke 5 will provide us all with that help. I invite you to learn God’s plan for fishing and together, to go fishing with me. In so doing we will be blessed, God will be glorified and we don’t even have to mess with any squirmy worms.