1. Pray ahead of time
Ask God to guide and speak to you.  Thank Him for the opportunity to meet with Him and His people.

2. Know what is going on
Pay attention to the teaching program.  Read the passage ahead of time if you can and take advantage of all the resources to stay in touch.

3. Don’t let last Sunday be the last time you spent time with God
Enough said.

4. Sing with your brain
Try to understand and express the message of the song to God.  Keep the mind engaged as well as your emotions.

5. Plan to give
​Have a plan for giving and use your giving as a means of expressing your heart to God

6. Look for someone to bless
​Whether an old friend or someone you don’t know, your greeting, love and attention ​will help them feel the warmth of God’s people.

7. Listen carefully
Give your full attention to what is being shared.  Fight the temptation to allow your mind to drift.  Check yourself by trying to summarize the sermon when complete.

8. Follow in your Bible
​Bring a Bible with you.  Follow along as it is being taught.  Take notes if you like or use ​the ones provided.  You may not be able to recall all of the message but you can always ​come back to the source material.