I have seen signs that the seasons are changing the last few days. There has been a little more sunshine, the temperatures are warmer and the trees are beginning to bud; all great things in my book. Churches also have seasons and the time just before Easter is harvest time. Even those who would only be slightly inclined to attend church seem to be more open at Easter time. We usually have our highest attendance of the year on Easter Sunday. Church growth experts call it “The Easter Surge.” Whatever you call it, we should all be alert to the opportunities to do some outreach. We at Bible Center will be sure to be ready to welcome our guests and make sure the Gospel is clearly presented.

As you leave services on Sunday you will be given two Easter invitation cards that list all of our upcoming activities as well as give a special invitation to our celebrations of the resurrection of our Lord. Please pass these on with a friendly encouragement to join us. If you would like more than two, please stop by the Information Desk and get some extras.

We also are providing three electronic ways to share the same invitation. If you are a subscriber to CONNECT, you will receive one via e-mail; and please forward this e-mail on to anyone you like. If you are not a subscriber, just send an e-mail to info@biblecenterchurch.com and we will send you one. If you are on Facebook, just visit the Bible Center page (www.facebook.com/BibleCenter) and “Share” the invitation on your profile. If you are a Twitter user, you can “Retweet” the invitation as well (www.Twitter.com/BibleCenter).

Let’s see what God can do through all of us in these next two weeks.