Theologians and biblical scholars love to argue many things and one of them is: when is a miracle a miracle? Some things are clearly miracles, such as Jesus walking on water, turning water into wine, etc. But what about an answered prayer- was that a coincidence or God’s use of ordinary means to accomplish His purpose through providence? I am not sure that most of us strive for that level of exactness; we are content to give God credit for an extraordinary intervention, even through the use of ordinary devices. In our study today, we will look at the earthquake that occurred as Jesus died. Earthquakes happen frequently; in fact, on the day I write this (3/10) the USGS has recorded 31 earthquakes in the world with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater. It is only when they are massive or in populated areas that we hear about it, such as the recent ones in Haiti and Chile.

But sometimes God so times the circumstance and the moment of the “ordinary” that there is no doubt that He is making a statement. Often the statement may be unclear, but in the context of the cross it is. The shaking of the earth was to show that His power is supreme and after a three hour absence during the darkness, He was back and in control!

In your ordinary moments, be alert that God is at work doing extraordinary things. You also are invited to join us for part 2 of “The Cross: History’s Supreme Moment” this Sunday at Bible Center Church or online at