I recently spent an afternoon hiking about 5 miles through one of our state parks. Here are some things you can learn from a walk in the forest.

1. God loves the color green
2. Trees are tall
3. People are not
4. You never see a tree grow
5. Walking face-first into a spider web is always startling
6. Forests have a different cast of birds than my backyard
7. Squirrels are better than any circus acrobat
8. I don’t like snakes
9. Poison Ivy is hard to see
10. Always take your camera
11. A camera cannot capture what the eye can see
12 Chipmunks are noisy
13. Forests soak up both water and sound
14. If a tree falls in the forest…it will always be across the hiking trail
15. I do not understand why people carve their initials into tree trunks
16. Sticks and stones may break my bones…so I try to avoid them
17. I need better hiking shoes
18. Air tastes different in the woods
19. Only God can make a tree it takes an idiot to produce litter
20. Trees are always heading upward…so should I
21. I don’t spend enough time in the forest
22. Forests are wonderful places
23. God makes amazing forests
24. Everything God makes is amazing
25. God is amazing

Jesse Waggoner