I have been blogging, posting, videoing, writing and sharing online since I first started in internet development in 1997 (I know it sounds like forever ago).  I am now consolidating my online presence under the branding of Living the Word Today.   So this blog, which has been online on Blogger since 2006, is moving  as well – the blog location is blog.livinginthewordtoday.com.  All past content will stay here as well as the new location, but new content will be exclusively on Living the Word Today.

As time progresses my Bible teaching podcast and Recharge Video are moving as well. I hope you will visit this new website and find there something that will point you to the Word as well as encourage you to live it today!

Thank you so much for encouraging me to keep going for the kingdom!


Stay blessed,
Jesse Waggoner

Your spiritual adventure awaits. For 40 days we will be heading toward the cross and the resurrection of our Lord. Participate in daily devotional times, devotional videos delivered to the palm of your hand and weekly Bible teaching. Use this link to get started https://www.calvarywv.com/40-days-to-the-cross/

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We all have things in our lives that we want desperately to change but there is only one place that change can begin. That starting point of change is our minds. Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Your thoughts control everything about you but sometimes we let others be in control. Sometimes we allow our emotions to be in control, sometimes we allow our undisciplined side of self to be in control. We need to have our mind under control – and that comes from allowing God to dominate our thoughts. In this series we are going to learn together just how to do that. We will look at various scriptures as we discover God’s plan for changing our thinking and thereby changing our lives.

Watch the intro video below or go to our Change Your Mind page with all teaching sessions available online.

Here is a sample message from this series