1.       You cannot hide your actions or character forever:
Someone will see, someone will notice someone will tell – live like everything is public and there will be no shock when the private is revealed. (Take a look at Number 32:23)
2.       Don’t be too close to someone other than your spouse:
“embedded”  “access” “confidant”  and “mentor” can be danger signs in a cross-gender relationship.

3.       Betrayal of trust will always hurts the innocent
Spouse, children, parents, co-workers, friends…
4.       There is no place to go to get your reputation back
What is done can be forgiven but what is done is done.
5.       Temptation always pays with counterfeit dollars
No matter how right it seems, the results of wrong are always greater.

Five added blessings of practicing thanksgiving

1. Thanksgiving will keep you from becoming overly negative
2. Thanksgiving makes you aware of God’s presence
3. Thanksgiving creates a sense of adventure in life
4. Thanksgiving blocks a critical spirit
5. Thanksgiving makes you a lot easier to be around

Three Levels of Thanksgiving

1. Level #1 – Being thankful for the good
2. Level #2 – Being thankful that it wasn’t worse
3. Level #3 – Being thankful for God’s use of the bad

Eight Ways to ACT like Jesus Reigns

1. Don’t view apparent set-backs as permanent

2. Avoid using the word “never”

3. Be patient with other believers – God is not finished changing them

4. Don’t fret over evil doers – God will set all things right

5. Don’t worry about your possessions – they won’t last

6. Give Him credit for everything

7. Freely confess your faults

8. Remember to say “Thank You”

I shared this as part of my teaching on Sunday Nov. 4, 2012, to access material in this series go here http://www.calvarywv.com/series/approved/